Brasil (online exhibition)
Nucleo Joalhería


Looking inside is the metaphor I use in this piece, in my material and poetic work. When we observe and see ourselves, sometimes we are not what we think we are. Taking time to dare to see what we do not want, what we are having trouble accepting, is part of the discoveries and questions that arise when making these objects.
In this journey of self-knowledge I weave, sew, dye, mold the metal and transform from the unconscious, improvising and connecting with the moment, searching for new solutions, using charged materials that evoke, reinventing the fabric and its techniques, moving away from what is usually the case. It is understood by feminine activities, there is a sensitivity that arises from the rebellion to this tradition.


“Goldsmith in resistance”



Group show




While I construct plots I connect with present and past events, as I elaborate these objects I am reflecting on myself and my surroundings, and what moves me, connected with the moment I am developing a dialogue between natural and synthetic materials, evoking organic forms , Where the spontaneity of these silhouettes and the composition are essential.

In this journey through emotions, concepts and images, I knit, I dye it with natural elements, I add the metal, I found the plastic and I give shape from the unconscious, resignifying the material and the fabric.

My piece unfolds between identity and the landscape, placing the identity from the I am and we are from the place I inhabit.


"Wild Hybrids”


Spain, Chile 

La Brújula Arte en Tránsito



Change the air, go somewhere else,

walk, look for pictures

to carry in memory; blue sea,

toninas, stones of various shades of gray,

shells, algae, nalcas, plastic, plastic,

lots of plastic to remember ...


My work unfolds between memory, identity and territory. This kind of fabric that arises from elaborating plots and gradually deconstructing it, I take it beyond its original function, I resignify it by connecting with my roots and rebelling to the idea of “Gender role”.

I use techniques invented from the imagination and the memory of family experiences, evoking that world "made by hand", ancestral, and that disappears little by little, in an increasingly industrial and globalized world.


“Ghost materialism”


Santiago, Punta Arenas

Honorato Vicencio Studio


"What you cannot talk about, it is better to keep quiet". Ludwig Wittgenstein. Tractatus Lógico-Pholosophicus.


In this series of pieces I work on those silences that drown, despair, weigh, overwhelm and anguish, expressing themselves in the body, while the history of its origin is present as a permanent shadow.

My pieces connect with something difficult to visualize, indeterminate; the silence. The work of illusion of passage of time, has to do with evoking the past, that which we want to try to reassemble despite the fact that the information has been lost, intervening materials to recall relegated objects. The pieces pose a mystery that asks about the past, about the origin. They are objects that do not want to be complacent, they refuse to be beautiful ornaments, criticizing the imposition of the female role from jewelry.




Germany, Poland, Chile

Joya Brava


I keep grief and pain

I have dreams and illusions,

I keep the landscapes that remind me

who I am.


My work speaks of pain, of untold stories, of a past silence, dense, imposed, the silence of lives denied, made to disappear, of a past that leaves its mark. My work talks about making memory even if it is forgotten, even if it never comes to light.

I don't know

I use materials that evoke objects of oblivion, that tell of fragility and resistance, of the passage of time, of remains that were left, objects that speak "of what is not spoken" as Mieke Bal says.

I build reliquaries because the memories of silence are kept in them.




Buenos Aires, Rosario - Argentina

II Latinamerican Bienale of Contemporary jewelry


Under the cocoon shelter the larvae prepare their metamorphosis.


It is inevitable to think of a cocoon and not remember the walks through the patios with my neighbors, looking for larvae in the hope of seeing them turn into butterflies.


“Transformation of collected wood into portable objects”


Punta Arenas

Culture - Individual project


"In this life you have to die many times and then be reborn. And crises, although frightening, help us to cancel one era and inaugurate another"

Eugenio Trías Saguier

Nature changes, transforms,

it is dynamic and cyclical, we are part of nature and we also transform ourselves.

What drives us to change?

Sometimes we are subjected to situations that involve us changing. The transformation is to begin and end, in some cases it is something intimate, even painful, the change happens from a decision, it is to move from where you are, we transform when we stop

be what we were ...




Punta Arenas

Centenario de Violeta Parra - Muestra Colectiva


"Thanks to life, which has given me"... are the characters pierced in the four-fingered ring that commemorates the birth of Violeta Parra.

Violeta thanked life composing a song, however the pain of her misfortunes tormented her soul until she made a drastic decision, leaving us without the possibility of listening to the sound of her guitar produced by the strumming of her fingers.

2018 2020 · Patricia Iglesias · Design by Pablo @ Wix.com

Colgante "MIRARSE ADENTRO" Cordones de algodón, yute, rafia, hilo de algodón y yute, lienza de algodón, cobre. 13 x 9 x 9,5 cm (48 cm largo total)