“Goldsmith in resistance”



Group show


Oasis and war, words used, a couple of weeks apart, by the President of the Republic to define the situation in our country in the month of October 2019, with these concepts I relate two divergent realities.


These words - oasis and war - lead me to the question: will it be possible to go from oasis to war like that without further ado, or is there something else?


"Wild Hybrids”


Spain, Chile 

La Brújula Arte en Tránsito


Change air, go somewhere else,

wander, walk, search images

to carry in memory; blue sea,

toninas, stones of various shades of gray,

shells, algae, nalcas, plastic, plastic,

a lot of plastic to remember...


“Ghost materialism”


Santiago, Punta Arenas

Honorato Vicencio Studio


"What you cannot talk about, it is better to keep quiet". Ludwig Wittgenstein. Tractatus Lógico-Pholosophicus.


In this series of pieces I work on those silences that drown, despair, weigh, overwhelm and anguish, expressing themselves in the body, while the history of its origin is present as a permanent shadow.




Germany, Poland, Chile

Joya Brava


I keep grief and pain

I have dreams and illusions,

I keep the landscapes that remind me

who I am.


My work speaks of pain, of untold stories, of a past silence, dense, imposed, the silence of lives denied, made to disappear, of a past that leaves its mark. My work talks about making memory even if it is forgotten, even if it never comes to light.

I don't know

I use materials that evoke objects of oblivion, that tell of fragility and resistance, of the passage of time, of remains that were left, objects that speak "of what is not spoken" as Mieke Bal says.

I build reliquaries because the memories of silence are kept in them.




Buenos Aires, Rosario - Argentina

II Latinamerican Bienale of Contemporary jewelry


Under the cocoon shelter the larvae prepare their metamorphosis.


It is inevitable to think of a cocoon and not remember the walks through the patios with my neighbors, looking for larvae in the hope of seeing them turn into butterflies.


“Transformation of collected wood into portable objects”


Punta Arenas

Culture - Individual project


Nature changes, transforms,

it is dynamic and cyclical, we are part of nature and we also transform ourselves.

What drives us to change?

Sometimes we are subjected to situations that involve us changing. The transformation is to begin and end, in some cases it is something intimate, even painful, the change happens from a decision, it is to move from where you are, we transform when we stop

be what we were ...




Punta Arenas

Centenario de Violeta Parra - Muestra Colectiva


Violeta thanked life composing a song, however the pain of her misfortunes tormented her soul until she made a drastic decision, leaving us without the possibility of listening to the sound of her guitar produced by the strumming of her fingers.

2018 2020 · Patricia Iglesias · Design by Pablo @ Wix.com

Pectoral “HOLGANZA I” Plástico de botellas, cobre, plata, lino reciclado, yute, algodón, tela reciclada, malla plástica, madera encontrada. 28 x 18 x 5 cm.