The jewelry is the way I use to announce the nature and the elements that form the landscape of Chilean Patagonia, my place of birth and permanent residence.

My process of creation comes from the observation of the natural elements in the land where I was born. The way to develop the pieces, in form and structure comes from the intersection of my disciplines: Technical Drawing, Furniture Design, and Jewelry. As a result, the synthesis of the inspiration is transformed into a wearable object. Each collection is developed conceptually and according to the creative process, I choose the best smithing techniques for the collection.

With every piece, I try to connect the wearer to the sensations that provoke the landscape of Patagonia and turn the vicissitudes of nature in virtues of emotion.

In some collections, I use as raw material the tree branches (handpicked in Magellan strait) combined with silver elements to create a jewel.  The branches are picked as a way to reuse and give value to a piece of wood from Lenga, Coigüe or Ñirre.

I cut the branches to obtain the pieces, that later are polished by hand and protected with natural oils, to flourish the warmth of the wood, joining the silver to become a jewel. 

As of 2018, it became part of Joya Brava, Chilean Contemporary Jewelry Association.

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